Apr. 23rd, 2015 02:00 pm
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Words: 1187. Not fantastic, but it is writing.

Total Words So Far: around 15000 but some of those are notes to myself

I am glad for Google, which has told me that Jazzercise would have existed in Chicago in 1978, even if it would not show me pictures of purses specifically from 1986. But I am not sure either of these things really matters, it may be elaborate cat vacuuming, and I am a little inclined to think that this entire section is boring, all summary and no motion, so it will need to be rewritten or perhaps entirely removed. Still, I must get from Point A to Point B somehow -- or perhaps I do not, perhaps I may just say, here were are at Point B. I don't have the shape of it yet, but I will get there. This is the part of writing which used to drive me to despair, but I am pleased to report that while I feel a little irritable, it no longer seems an insurmountable problem indicating that writing is a useless endeavour.

I wonder if this will be a novel or a novella? If I finish it, it will be the first long thing I have ever finished, so really, that is enough of a goal. Keep writing. Finish it. Then find readers so I can figure out how to make it better.


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