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As I had mentioned previously but only in comments, I am pregnant again, which is of course a source of great joy, but also a source of great exhaustion. And Joy herself is having some strangeness in her sleep schedule, which being a very dedicated sleeper she is making up for (to whit, waking up at 4am, playing for a while, then going back to sleep until 7.30) but it disrupts my ability to sleep as well. And my ability to plan, because I've discovered that I can't really settle into writing anything except the lightest email when she is giggling and shrieking and engaging in detailed pretend-play dialogues in her crib.

But I have many things to say: Planet Narnia and Crescent and Joy herself in more detail, and lentil-rice soup (I am finally making myself learn to cook things which do not come in boxes) and C.J. Cherryh (so much work!) and The Othering of CS Lewis. And gymnastics, because now that I think about it, gymnastics is sort of my fandom, except I don't write gymnastics fanfic because, well, that would be weird, except last night I sheepishly admit my brain came up with an entire dinner conversation between Alicia Sacramone and Bridget Sloan while it was falling asleep, because due to Twitter I knew they were having dinner together. But really, aside from that one aberration, I don't write gymnastics fanfic even in my head! But I do love women's artistic gymnastics, as a problematic thing which is also really exciting to watch.

I must give up on Joy napping and go fetch her and play whatever game she demands and read to her and then try to get our various ducks into a row to either drop off library books or run to Target to get vital paper products or maybe just go for a walk, since she has told me twice she wants to.


Date: 2012-06-07 10:52 pm (UTC)
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Woo, congratulations! I hope your second child is as delightful as the first, but in entirely different and unexpected ways.

I've always liked watching women's gymnastics too! And it's the one sport my alma mater, Oregon State, is often a national contender in. (Kind of in that second tier, not a powerhouse, but a dark horse that occasionally upsets one of the top 5 teams.)

Date: 2012-06-08 05:40 am (UTC)
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\o/ for new baby-to-be!

The gymnastics-as-fandom thing makes sense to me. My father and I used to watch it on tv (not specifically women's--he himself competed in his teens), as well as tennis; it's clear to me that his experience of watching overlapped considerably with how I observe some fans experiencing media- or book-based fandoms. It isn't only about slash or RPS or OTPs, after all. Being caught up by heightened emotions that're sort of disproportional to the events eliciting them is one key.


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